Walking In God’s Armor (A Prayer For Our Military)

Lord, we bring before You –

though we may not know each name –

The men and women called to serve.

Lord, they seek no reward or fame.

Lord, grant them wisdom to know Your Word,

and to hide in Your Secret Place.

Keep them in the shelter of Your arms;

help them to seek Your Holy face.

Though the world may come against them,

let the arrow that flies by day

Be trampled under feet shod with peace

as they walk in Your steadfast way.

When they see destruction at noonday,

Lord, give them courage to stand

Holding the shield of faith You give

to protect our beautiful land.

Terror may come in the nighttime –

thousands may fall at their side,

But, Lord we pray You’ll protect them –

that in Your grace they’ll abide.

Help them wield the sword of Your Spirit

to fight for the freedom You give,

Whether on the shores of our enemies,

or in the land where we live.

We know You have heard our prayers, Dear Lord,

as our soldiers take the helmet of salvation.

Guide them in Your righteousness

as they stand proudly defending our nation.

~ Phyllis D. Jolliff ~

© Copyright 2001 Phyllis D. Jolliff

All Rights Reserved


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