Thank You For The Gift

I remember through my life you told me,

Jesus lives, and He dearly loves you.

Day in and day out; year after year,

this fact, you told me was true.

You taught me that Jesus died on the cross,

bore each stripe, and took all my sins.

Then He rose from the dead to conquer the grave,

so to His fold He could welcome me in.

You prayed and you pleaded I heard you; I know

that I’d stop running and accept His sweet grace.

Your sobs on your knees could be heard in the night

as, on my behalf, you sought God’s face.

It took years, but I stopped.  I heard God’s call.

I surrendered my life to my Lord.

I finally got it!  I looked past this world,

and saw fully the One you adored.

I may never have known, if it were not for you,

teaching me God’s praises to lift.

I could never exchange what that’s meant to my life.

Mom and Dad thank you for the Gift!

~ Phyllis D. Jolliff ~

June 27, 2003

© 2003 by Phyllis D. Jolliff

All Rights Reserved


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