Hello Everyone!

No, I have not disappeared!! 😀

I have been quite busy and will post an update shortly [perhaps even today] of what’s been going on.

May 20, 2014 Update

Since my last post on the 26th of April, my wife was discharged from the hospital on the 30th of April, at the ER on the night of May 1st, diagnosed with an infection and low electrolytes, given antibiotics and IV fluids, discharged from there on the 2nd. Back to the ER the 4th due to diarrhea and was admitted to the hospital treated for low electrolytes again and terrible anxiety, was there until the 9th around 4pm. My sister and brother-in-law had brought us home we had supper together then took Dawn back to the ER again that same night about 4 hours after being discharged due to possible stroke and another infection, was admitted again to the hospital for tests, given more IV fluids and antibiotics, then discharged on the 15th. Doctors have taken her off all medications for now because of the possibility that they were causing the symptoms of a stroke.

Dawn is home and doing better although still quite weak and has a hard time managing or even focusing on daily tasks/routine as before. She has gone through so much since the beginning of March and has not been able to heal from all of this.
She had a follow-up appointment this past Friday and blood work was done which showed some of her electrolytes were off again. Her blood pressure has also been a bit high which the doctor said we need to monitor. Today she had a home healthcare visit. We are still quite concerned about the possibility she experienced a TIA [a small stroke] on the 9th of May.

I have not been released to drive yet. There are times that I still feel as if I’m about to fall, things want to spin in my head, near constant headache, and more than a couple of times of almost passing out. The doctor is not sure what is the cause except saying it is possibly stress related. There is another test that has been ordered, an ambulatory EEG, so we are waiting to do that too.

I have applied to a few places for employment but am at a loss of what to do!
The doctor said ‘clerical work’ would be best for now but absolutely no driving. Clerical work is something I don’t have any skill at besides a bit of typing.

Since all of this started, in December ’13, we have not had any job income nor disability income. We are extremely thankful though, for the monetary gifts here and there, some from surprising sources, that have come in time to meet our basic bills. We do have food stamps and medical coverage but nothing else.
As of today though, we have just enough to cover this month’s expenses.

I really don’t know what else to say/do, it is hard to share these things with anyone but I feel I need to do so. To get a better idea of everything read my previous post on the 26th of April.

Anyway, your prayers are definitely coveted!

We are still endeavoring to trust our Lord Jesus Christ and to continue to praise Him in the storm!!

A hesitant post

I hesitate to post this but my heart is a bit heavy with weariness and perhaps even a small amount of depression.

As I have been sitting here this morning having coffee, a verse from Galatians came to me. I began praying about it and felt a nudge from the Spirit of God to share what’s been going on.

The verse, Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. (Galatians 6:2 KJV), causes me to wonder how do we do this? I compared other translations as well.
You obey the law of Christ when you offer each other a helping hand. (Galatians 6:2 CEV) Help each other with your troubles. When you do this, you are obeying the law of Christ. (Galatians 6:2 ERV) Practice carrying each other’s burdens. In this way you will fulfill the law of the Messiah. (Galatians 6:2 ISV)

Too many times we as brothers and sisters in Christ fail to realize the enormity and depth of this verse. Too often we don’t tell anyone our troubles except perhaps close family. However, as I read scripture, we who have accepted Christ are family. And because of Him we should be close family.

So, in contemplating this verse and in light of what I just wrote, I felt compelled to share a bit more of the current burden in our lives.

On April 7th I shared a prayer request and have not been back to post anything else.

I’ve been busy trying to take care of my wife.  She had been dealing with dehydration and low electrolytes since the 9th of March also lack of appetite, sleeplessness, and weight loss.  The doctors at the ER treated her on March 11th and sent her home. She was at an Urgent Care on the 21st then to the ER again on the 23rd. They kept her in the hospital that time for four days and got the electrolytes back up and she did okay for awhile. During her stay there, a small solid mass on a kidney was found and we were seeing urology doctors about that after she was released. She went back to the ER on April 13th and they found her electrolytes off again and kept her there at the hospital.

As of this writing my wife is still in the hospital. Her electrolytes kept fluctuating and being lower than should be so they did not want to release her. We talked to the doctors over a week ago and it could be the kidney tumor is the culprit. So, this past Thursday the 24th, she had surgery to remove the tumor but because of its location the surgeon ended up removing the entire kidney. We don’t know yet if the tumor was malignant or not, or if it was the cause of all the low electrolytes etc,  but the oncology, urology, and medical doctors all agreed this was a wise choice to alleviate any chances of cancer spreading.

We are praying for speedy recovery and that her health will now improve.

As I said in my previous post, I’ve been off work since the 6th of Dec. due to health issues. We covet your prayers concerning all of this and if God impresses you to help financially, my youngest daughter setup this page for anyone to donate and to know more of what is going on. Or you can follow more here on Facebook.

Thank you so much and may our God richly bless each of you!

Prayer needed

I shared this on Facebook already but felt I should here on my blog as well.

Hey everyone,
Could really use some prayer support for my wife and me regarding physical, spiritual, and financial areas.

I’ve been out of work since the 9th of Dec. 2013 due to medical reasons and don’t qualify for any state disability. I was driving truck and the doctor said NO driving at all until he releases me to do so. He finally did say I could do ‘some’ work, but again, no driving. So, my wife had been driving me places or I’d take the bus.

Since then, we have no income but the bills keep coming. We are trying to apply to different agencies for assistance however all we’ve gotten so far is food stamps and medical. [I actually had to convince myself to apply.]

Now my wife has taken ill in the past 4 weeks with a stay in the hospital too and is still having issues.

Yes, we believe in the power of prayer!!! And, are trying to trust the Lord and thank Him in spite of this situation.

If you would like more information just private message me using the form below.

The results are in – people prefer short sermons followed by discussion.

To me this is ideal! What do you think?

Posted on January 18, 2014 at Church in a Circle

This week, I conducted some research on Twitter. I asked which people would prefer; short sermons with the opportunity for discussion, or long sermons without. The results of my poll were resoundingly conclusive – 100% of respondents would like to have short sermons or even long ones followed by the chance to respond and explore the topic together.

Now, I’m not going to pretend these are statistically significant results. This was a small sample group, and a very biased one. But I still think this is a simple and easy-to-implement strategy most pastors and churches can take on board, with the potential to equip and empower God’s people.

Next time you are preparing a sermon, think about stripping it back to the essential points, then letting people break into groups of 4 or so to discuss what they have learned. They could answer questions such as;

What stands out to you?

What did you learn about God?

About people?

Any life-lessons to apply?

How do you plan to apply them?

How can we pray for one another?

The advantages to this approach are huge. You are training God’s people to have spiritual conversations. You can give them the tools they need to think for themselves, and to communicate their knowledge to others. You are sending the message that the church is an equal laity under the headship of Christ, not artificially divided into “professionals” and “consumers”. You are giving them a chance to respond to God’s Word and message, and to teach one another.

However – please take note – this suggestion comes with the following warnings;

WARNING 1: Once people get used to participating and having a voice, they’re not going back. They will find it difficult to sit passively through lengthy monologues, once they realise they can be actively involved.

WARNING 2: Some people won’t like this. They think the current format for church is the way it has always been. They don’t realise the early church meetings were interactive, multi-voiced and participatory.

WARNING 3: Dialogue is an open floor, not a pop-quiz. People are allowed to give any answer at all. Pastors may have to go through a period of “unlearning” – instead of having all the answers, they have to learn to shut up and listen. Get used to a whole new way of thinking as you move away from performance towards facilitation and empowerment.

Don’t rely on the results of my not-very-reliable research – conduct a poll of your own. Ask your congregation whether they would prefer a 40 minute lecture next Sunday, or a 10-15 minute presentation followed by a chance to explore and discuss it together. Your ego may take a bruising if they tell you to shorten your sermons – but it could be the start of a new journey for you and your church community.

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