About Rough-Hewn

So what does Rough-Hewn mean?

Here are some definitions taken from Wordweb.

Adjective: Of stone or timber; shaped roughly without finishing

Verb: Hew roughly, without finishing the surface [“rough-hew stone or timber”]

We are all Rough-Hewn, really, because God isn’t finished with us yet!

He is still working on you and me!

We are like clay in the hands of the potter, like wood in the hands of a carpenter, cement under the hand of the finisher! Until the time comes, when all is said and done, the Master will continue to mold and shape us.

Through Rough-Hewn Ministries we are endeavoring to reach and encourage as many people as possible, in all areas of the world, for Christ. To help bring those who do not know Him to a life changing experience with Him.

For those who have Jesus in their hearts already, we want to encourage them to let Christ Himself rule their lives in every day-to-day situation.

We have been Evangelists, Associate Pastors, Missionaries, and Senior Pastors over the course of our ministry.

Yet, just like everyone else, life changes and God does something else in our lives.


Currently, God has been connecting us with others in the simple/house church, both here in the city and on the internet.

We are glad that He is still on the throne and directing our lives day by day.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your visit.


7 responses to “About Rough-Hewn

  1. Great blog! If I may make a suggestion… your featured posts are great, but their placement makes it look to the casual visitor as if you have had no new content since October 2011. Maybe feature links to your featured posts in the sidebar, so that new content rises to the top? Just a suggestion… keep up the great work!

    • Thank you for the comment 🙂
      I guess I have not paid attention to what I’ve been doing! 😀
      Must have moved the widget from the sidebar without realizing.
      The two posts I have at the top of the main page are sticky posts.

      • It’s the sticky posts I am referring to. They are great posts, but it means you have to scroll way down to discover any new content. Since most people visit a blog several times before subscribing, you want them to see that there is a new article up when they first get to the page. Otherwise, they just assume it is never updated.

        Like I said, though, it’s just my 2c. 🙂

  2. Thanks again T.E.
    Appreciate your input! 🙂
    I changed one of the stickies into a page and added it to the ‘menu’. Haven’t yet decided where to put the other one.

  3. Thanks and God bless you for following me. I like your blog too, so I am now following you as well! 😉 Be blessed!

  4. You are more than welcome. 😉

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