Notes and Articles

I hope you will find much encouragement through the notes, articles, etc. from various authors posted in this file.

Below are a few excerpts to which I will add more from time to time. There are several others you can read by placing your cursor over the ‘Notes & Articles’ item in the menu above then select which ever one piques your interest.

A Wedding Message by Maurice Smith on Saturday, December 29, 2012 at 10:30am

Author’s Note. I’ve never done this before. I’m sharing my notes for a wedding I’m doing this evening for a young couple. The bride’s parents are part of our house church network (I generally don’t do weddings for people outside of our house church network). For some reason I feel as though there may be some of you who need to be encouraged in your marriages. May you find the encouragement you need. Every blessing, Maurice

In the early 1980s folk singer John Denver wrote a love ballad which he recorded as a duet with very young opera star named Placido Domingo. It’s entitled “Perhaps Love”. You can find it on YouTube and it is quite beautiful to listen to. The lyrics are as follows: read more

Church Reformation by George G Delo

One of the things God is doing in this hour is liberating His people from the bondages created by the traditions of men within the structure of the church. More and more people are beginning to see that too much of what we do and call church is based on the traditions and pride of men and they are ready for change to bring the church back to its scriptural basis. Only when we operate according to the word of God do we have true liberty. We must examine the life and practices of the church in light of scripture to see how it measures up. Anything which is contrary to the word must be removed as it will always result in legalism and bondage.

Tradition tells us that Paul the Apostle was beheaded in Rome around 66 AD. This tells us that the Book of Acts covers approximately 34 years of church history from its inception on the Day of Pentecost. Together with the letters of Paul, Acts lays out the established life and practices of the church giving us a picture of church leadership, the functioning of the body of Christ, and the basic doctrines of salvation. Over the course of thirty some years, read more

Discipling Viral Disciples by Roger Thoman

I no longer try to start simple/house churches.  I think house churches are great.  They provide a place for people to experience participatory, everyone-matters church life.  They provide a way for people to really connect into authentic, one-another community.  They often provide a place for people to recover from some of the pains caused by institutional church life.  But house churches are no longer the end game for me.

Jesus invited us to join him, organically, in the reproduction of life.  His church is a living, thriving, reproducing organism (Mark 4) that allows life-in-the-Spirit to spread virally from one disciple to the next.  His church is alive as illustrated by a seed (Mark 4) that brings forth 30, 60, or 100-fold reproduction.  That is the life of the kingdom.  His life in me is passed on to the life of another (2-fold) which is passed to the life of another (4-fold) which is passed to the life of another (8-fold), etc.  That is the way of organic/viral life and this is what the kingdom IS.  This is ultimately what Jesus invited us to become part of: discipling viral disciplers. read more


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