Vessel of You


Make me a vessel of You, Lord,
filled with Your love so profound.
From the depths of my heart and my soul, Lord,
let Your love to others abound.

Fill me with Your compassion and mercy –
let me cry out in Your Holy Name –
For the lost who are living around me,
that their lives forever will be changed.

Give me strength to stand up for You, Lord,
not stopping to count the cost.
Help me not worry about my own comfort,
but use that energy to reach the lost.

When the fears of life come upon me,
and I dread what might be in store,
Grant me peace that passes understanding,
so I can work for You all the more.

Help me live my life for Your service, Lord.
Your Spirit within me renew.
Let my life touch others for You, Lord.
Please make me a vessel of You.

~ Phyllis D. Jolliff ~
© 2004 by Phyllis D. Jolliff
All Rights Reserved


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