Guide Me

Dear Lord, I need Your guidance

To help me through this day.

I need to know Your will for me.

Please lead me in Your way.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do,

Or even which way to go.

Some days I think it’s settled,

But today I just don’t know.

Lord, I long to see Your finger

Writing on the wall,

Spelling out Your plan for me

As on Your name I call.

I know that’s not the way You work,

So write it in other ways.

Please let me see Your holy map

To guide me through life’s maze.

Please walk with me along this trail

You’ve placed my feet upon.

Lead me through the darkness.

Give me strength to face the dawn.

The road ahead could be bumpy,

Yet You’re with me come what may.

Lead me on this journey.

Lord, guide me in Your way.

~ Phyllis D. Jolliff ~
© 2005 by Phyllis D. Jolliff

All Rights Reserved


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