Dear God

Dear God, I love you so much because I know where I am,

And I know where I used to be,

And where I am is nothing like when my heart left me,

Each day I would wake up and gaze out the window,

But there was nothing to see,

Because everything was nothing to me,

The birds made no sound,

The trees had no color to its leaves,

Cold or hot, I never felt the wind’s breeze,

All I did feel was the pain,

My heart was so hollow,

Yet it always seemed,

That there was never, ever any room in there,

For anything

On the inside, I was empty Lord,

On the outside, I had plenty to be thankful for,

But all I saw was the loss,

What I did not have,

I did not have my father,

I did not have my mother,

I did not have my aunt,

And the uncle I had left was being lost

To a drug habit,

So everybody who meant anything to me Lord,

The ones who loved and cared for me Lord,

Said they would always be right there for me,

All of a sudden, they were gone

And I felt myself left all alone,

Yet I could not figure out why,

Then Lord, you sent a minister my way,

And He was the first one who I ever really opened up to,

After I told him my entire story,

He only said these three words:  God is Love,

The confidence and trust in his voice as he lifted your name high,

Made me not want to ask anymore questions about why this happened,

Or why that happened,

Instead, it opened a yearning in my heart that made me want to learn,

Everything about you Lord,

I think about you everyday,

I learn about you everyday,

I praise you everyday,

Because you are my God and you love me everyday,

You loved me when I didn’t think anyone was even

studying me nor loving me,

I won’t stop giving praise to you,

Because you never stop making ways for me,

I can remember in my ignorance and defiance when I declared,

That I didn’t know love,

You turned that defiance into radiance as I shout,

Glory to God!  Hallelujah, Jesus!

I know love,

He’s in my heart when I wake,

when I get ready to sleep

While I sleep,

God is love and He never leaves me,

I can hear the birds singing,

I can watch the leaves change color,

I can feel the wind,

It’s beneath my wings as I fly higher in Jesus the Christ, our Lord.

by Kim Johnson


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