A Mother’s Love

Like a gently blowing breeze

Is the whisper of a mother’s love;

Blowing through her child’s life

With the grace of a snow white dove.

Like the afternoon sun

Of a warm spring day,

A loving mother warms the hearts

Of her children while they play.

The touch of a mother’s hand is softer

Than the pedal of a morning rose,

Soothing the heart and calming the fears

Of her little one as he grows.

As the firmly standing oak tree,

My mother’s faith in God stands strong.

Ever trusting in His care for us –

Praying for our needs though the night grow long.

I could never have requested a mother

Who stood more faithfully on God’s sweet grace,

And I will thank God for you forever

Because no one can take your place.

~ Phyllis D. Jolliff ~

©1999 Phyllis D. Jolliff

All Rights Reserved



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