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Hello Everyone!

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I have been quite busy and will post an update shortly [perhaps even today] of what’s been going on.


Favor or Favors?

Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

Favors are everywhere.

Government. Politicians. Work. Schools. Churches. Friends. Family.

What is the phrase, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours?”

Ladders of success are crawling with the favors of control, manipulation and influence.

“You owe me.”DIY Party Favors

“Next time, it’s on you.”

“Will you do me a favor?”

Favors are Satan’s counterfeit to God’s favor.

Favors are exploits to barter for an expected gain or benefit. Favors always have strings attached; an obligation meant to command another to exchange an advantage.

There is nothing Godly about favors. Once done and if repeated, the relationship will falter and eventually infuse hate to the one who is owed.  The comfort zone is lost when one person owes another.

The Favor of God is planting or sowing into the life of another without expecting anything in return. God rewards those who have a heart for people no matter how they are treated.

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Tuned In

Another absolutely wonderful piece!!

Bread for the Bride

You know, it makes me scratch my head every time I realize God, who created the mountains, the oceans, the heavens and all forms of life, chooses humanity for company. It makes me stop and wonder when I remember that He who gave lions their majesty and dolphins their swiftness,  fashioned towering redwood trees and intricate insect wings, created humankind just to be close to.

God is infinitely tuned into me, to us.  It’s the cry of the human heart that reaches Him above all the clamor of creation.  It’s the prayer of His child He listens for more than anything else.  It’s  human tears He has promised to one day wipe away.  It’s His human Bride for whom He is preparing a place, and her adoration that delights Him beyond what I can even begin to understand.

This God, who is so tuned into me, to us, makes me…

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Sermon-Free Church Spread Across America In 1857-1858

Thanks Steve! Wow, I had never heard of this!!!

Free Gas For Your Think Tank (A blog to jog your mind and unclog your heart . . .)

Spirit-led, sermon-free church meetings spread across America in 1857-1858.  Jeremiah Lanphier started a prayer meeting on September 23, 1857 in New York City.  Six men showed up.  In the next few months 10,000 people began meeting daily for prayer in New York.  Then these Spirit-led, organic church style meetings began to spread all across America.  They were interdenominational and most were started by business men and other regular people instead of by preachers.

This movement is known to history as The Layman’s PrayerRevival or The Revival of 1857 or The Third Great Awakening.  Historians say that as the meetings spread more than a million people came to Christ in the United States and another million in Great Britain.

Here are some quotations about this great outbreak of sermon-free meetings:

“The idea was to have singing, prayer, exhortation, relation of religious experience, as the case might be; that none…

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Perhaps God can speak through anybody, not just a preacher!


Free Gas For Your Think Tank (A blog to jog your mind and unclog your heart . . .)

Perhaps we miss out on much wisdom in the average church service, because only one person is permitted to speak week after week.

We can all learn from anybody; not just from experts or professionals. Maybe during a church service, we should take the time to listen to anybody prompted by the Spirit.

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