Prayer needed

I shared this on Facebook already but felt I should here on my blog as well.

Hey everyone,
Could really use some prayer support for my wife and me regarding physical, spiritual, and financial areas.

I’ve been out of work since the 9th of Dec. 2013 due to medical reasons and don’t qualify for any state disability. I was driving truck and the doctor said NO driving at all until he releases me to do so. He finally did say I could do ‘some’ work, but again, no driving. So, my wife had been driving me places or I’d take the bus.

Since then, we have no income but the bills keep coming. We are trying to apply to different agencies for assistance however all we’ve gotten so far is food stamps and medical. [I actually had to convince myself to apply.]

Now my wife has taken ill in the past 4 weeks with a stay in the hospital too and is still having issues.

Yes, we believe in the power of prayer!!! And, are trying to trust the Lord and thank Him in spite of this situation.

If you would like more information just private message me using the form below.


2 responses to “Prayer needed

  1. prayers for you and your wife and that God meets your needs with abundance!

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