Human Relationships

I imported this from our previous web site. Looking forward to comments.

Posted on February 11, 2012 by skhshewolf

Human relationships are a baffling thing.

The way people and lives become intertwined and emotions seem to hinge on one another’s.

The caring and depth of feeling can overwhelm at times yet how often do people maintain a relationship for a lifetime? Friends, spouses, parent/child, other family, etc.

Each and every human encounter in some way builds us and causes us to grow. Or at least it should. How many times does the opposite happen?

Demoralization, degradation, emotional abuse/trauma. These can cause a person to be broken down, warp, break. Every little word, every little action, every little non-action can in some way have an impact on another soul.

Do any of us ever question, “Crap, how did I just make that person feel?”.

We should be asking, “How should I make this person feel?”.

Do unto others. Even in the midst of anger, depression, humiliation, listlessness. Do what should be done. Do what Jesus wants us to do.


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