Sermon-Free Church Spread Across America In 1857-1858

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Spirit-led, sermon-free church meetings spread across America in 1857-1858.  Jeremiah Lanphier started a prayer meeting on September 23, 1857 in New York City.  Six men showed up.  In the next few months 10,000 people began meeting daily for prayer in New York.  Then these Spirit-led, organic church style meetings began to spread all across America.  They were interdenominational and most were started by business men and other regular people instead of by preachers.

This movement is known to history as The Layman’s PrayerRevival or The Revival of 1857 or The Third Great Awakening.  Historians say that as the meetings spread more than a million people came to Christ in the United States and another million in Great Britain.

Here are some quotations about this great outbreak of sermon-free meetings:

“The idea was to have singing, prayer, exhortation, relation of religious experience, as the case might be; that none…

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One response to “Sermon-Free Church Spread Across America In 1857-1858

  1. Read about this years ago but not in detail like you have sent. Thanks! I believe in this. This was in my heart to do a few years ago when things started to change and the blant of darkness, fear, & uncertantly started to come over America. No one seemed to have any answeres why this was happening which is why I was thinking of doing this. I hope I did not fail God again by not doing this!  Thanks again Dave for artical.

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