Why Does Fellowship Elude Us?

Chip has done an excellent work here in bringing to light this nagging thought which many folks struggle with. Perhaps this Holy Spirit guided article will help us as we journey with Jesus Christ.I hope you will take a few minutes and prayerfully read this intriguing piece in its entirety.

Why Does Fellowship Elude Us? by Chip Brogden

If everyone is looking for fellowship, why is fellowship so hard to find? And once we have found it, why is it so hard to maintain it?

When God begins to bring you out of church and into a deeper relationship with Himself, there is a lot of unlearning that has to take place – particularly in the area of fellowship.

It has been said that every lost person has a Christ-shaped void in their heart that only Christ can fill. A similar thing can be said of believers who come out of the religious system. When God calls us to be with Him “outside the camp,” there is a church-shaped void in our heart where church used to be. This void makes us feel restless and insecure and empty. We remember the fellowship we used to enjoy, and we begin to long for it. Pretty soon, we begin to look for things to fill the church-shaped void in our heart.

This explains the seemingly endless pursuit of fellowship. Some look for it in the house church movement. Some look for it in a small-group setting, or in a living room, or at a coffee shop. People typically gravitate towards the opposite extreme of what they were hurt or disillusioned by. Problem with the pastor? We will look for or create a group without any spiritual leadership. Problem with doctrine? We will look for or create a group that agrees with us in belief, doctrine, or teaching…………….

5 Reasons Why Fellowship Eludes Us

Why is fellowship so elusive to us?  Everyone says they seek it, yet everyone says it is difficult to find.  Those who find it cannot maintain it for long.  Those that do manage to maintain it often end up looking more like an institutional church than a real Body of Christ.

I submit the following five reasons……..

Read more via Why Does Fellowship Elude Us?.


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