Pencil, Ink, and Blood

This is from a post on Organic Church Discussion by another ‘Dave’ [and yes used w/permission though he doesn’t want credit].

I thought, “this is an excellent concept for any group discussion or even a discussion with yourself” ;).

“Wow! A lot of ground covered in less than 24 hours. I like all the topics that have been raised and would love to dig a little deeper but FB is not always the best place.
Since this site is about “Organic Church” let me ask this:

How do you handle disagreement within your local organic fellowship?

Maintain the bond of unity at all cost?

Avoidance of touchy subjects?

Agree to disagree?

Topics like Holidays, The Law, Messianic Roots Movement, and Cults can really get heated.

I personally like the Pencil, Ink, and Blood distinction for engaging in these type of discussions.

It’s pretty simple…the way I can remember it. I’m sure you’ll recognize the principles but you may have a different way if wording it.

Basically it’s that we all (families or churches) have these “rules” that are written in pencil. They’re written in pencil because they change…somewhat frequently, and they differ from family to family or church to church. The earlier post mentioned celebrating Holidays (festivals) as an example. I would include other things like tattoos, music, dress style, jewelry, short hair? long hair? covered hair? no hair? beards? no beards? the list goes on. So pencil categories are easy to erase and rewrite and we do change them as we mature in the Lord.

Then somethings are written in ink. Ink is a little harder to change. You might have to use whiteout to rewrite those categories. I put things like denominations, eschatology, libertarian free will vs. divine determinism and many other serious doctrines in the ink category. These are important issues to wrestle with as long as I remember the category they’re in.

Then there are the things written in blood. Things like the nature and character of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The resurrection and the reliability of the historical account given from the apostles. These are some of the things that don’t change…ever.

So to bring it all back, when I have discussion/disagreements with brothers or sisters in the Lord, it’s really important to remember if it’s a Pencil, Ink, or Blood discussion. It really helps me maintain a proper mindset on how really serious any conflict that arises may be.

Sorry for the long-winded post. I generally try to keep things brief. One last note, as those categories are “filled out” it should be the Blood categories that dictate what’s in the Ink and Pencil categories. If it gets flipped around it becomes very rigid and legalistic.

Well, that about enough typing to me for the rest of the year.

In Him,


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