Defrosting The Windows Of “The Shack”: What about Papa? | Defrosting Windows

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 Dan has done an excellent job here in expressing a challenging and thought-provoking review of ‘The Shack’. I hope to read some feedback both here and on ‘Defrosting Windows‘.

I also have interview videos {which I posted a couple of years ago} with the author of the book here,

Defrosting The Windows Of “The Shack”: What about Papa?

Posted on September 16, 2013 by defrostingwindows

I just finished reading “The Shack” by William P. Young. It was a roller coaster! A great ride. It filled me with hope, and I felt that it was really good for me. However, the non-emotional part of my head began to compartmentalize and say, “There is truth, theology, and fiction presented in this book. Sometimes they overlap. You should revisit the theology that was presented in this book and examine it.” With that in mind, I’d like to take the first step.

So here we go!Let’s talk about Yahweh God the Father or Jehovah being presented initially as a black woman referred to as “Papa”. This same “Papa” is later presented as an older, white, ponytail-haired man. What’s going on here? Why the gender-switching? Some critics believe that the author was conveying a subtle message that said, “God can be either a woman or a man; since we are created in that image, we too can choose to be transsexual”. That’s pure nonsense. Yahweh is a spirit John 4:24. This is biblical truth. Yahweh is not human Numbers 23:19; therefore, Yahweh is neither male or female Jesus became a human male, but we are talking about the other members of the trinity. Being male or female are human characteristics. Yahweh is simply not a human being. There is no gender-switching taking place. It is true that the bible refers to Yahweh as “He” and “The Father”. It is written this way for a purpose to be discussed on another day, and we are not here to change what is written. Suffice it to say that Yahweh is the Father, but is not a human male. The author used the portrayal of the black woman and the older man to portray different truths which we will explore shortly.

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