Thy Kingdom Come?

I just finished reading this excellent article! Cheryl has done a great service to us all in reminding us to truly let the Kingdom of God live and reign in our lives. To follow Jesus no matter the cost!

Bread for the Bride


“Thy Kingdom come.” It’s probably the most frequently spoken prayer known in Christendom, uttered all over the world daily by multitudes of Christians since time immemorial. We so desperately want the Kingdom of God to come, don’t we?  Errr….don’t we? Well…..maybe. 

Ever considered what we’re actually asking for as we repeat that well-worn phrase?

I think many of us when we think of the Kingdom, (if we think of the Kingdom at all), assume it will just miraculously appear in our lives one day and we’ll all carry on as usual, just happier and holier.   

Do we understand that the coming of the Kingdom means life as we have known it ceases completely?  Even in our most spiritual moments, can we really imagine the full ramifications of living, loving, worshiping in a realm where God and His mysterious ways rule and humanity is not centre of the…

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