Christmas Redemption – a book review

I just read ‘Christmas Redemption -Why Christians Should Celebrate a Pagan Holiday’ by Jeremy Myers and entered this review on Amazon as well.

Jeremy does an excellent job of laying it all out concerning the Redemption we have in Christ Jesus and how He has Redeemed us completely. Every aspect of our lives including the holiday we all enjoy called ‘Christmas’.

In it he addresses the roots and the practices surrounding Christmas and why Christians should actually celebrate this time to the fullest with lights, trees, gifts, and yes even Santa Claus. He shows the holiday from its pagan beginnings to how it is celebrated today.

He says in his conclusion, “Redemption has been the pattern from the beginning and is one of the central truths of the Gospel message. Christianity is about taking what is sinful or profane and redeeming it for the glory of God.”

Too many times we as Christians want to condemn nearly everything around us and in so doing become much like the Pharisees and religious leaders that Jesus encountered.

I recommend this book to everyone who has concerns of how and why we celebrate Christmas.

I recommend it to those who do not have any qualms in celebrating but may not know the history of Christmas.
I recommend this book to everyone, no matter who or where you are, no matter your background or beliefs, no matter whether you are young or old.

This book just may help your understanding and challenge you to truly let the Light Shine!

David H.


3 responses to “Christmas Redemption – a book review

  1. Hello David. I usually just gloss over my email updates concerning the LinkedIn Network because I honestly don’t come on here very often. Something pulled me in and compelled me to read your review and to comment. We don’t have any common connections and I’m not sure why I received an update concerning your blog. I live in Fresno, CA and have an elderly neighbor named Emma. Her husband, Dave, passed away not long ago. Their last name is Hoopingarner. Is this just some weird coincidence?

    • Hi there Joe,
      Yes, what a coincidence meeting like this.
      I think I met Dave Hoopengarner several years ago when I lived in Fresno before.(He spelled the last name with an ‘e’ instead of ‘i’.) Wasn’t he a barber?

      • I’ve lived in my house for almost 14 years now and in all that time, Dave was retired and never worked outside the home. We talked about countless things for hours it seemed at times, but oddly enough, I don’t remember him ever talking about being a barber. His favorite subject to talk about was his time spent in the Navy. Hoopengarner isn’t an everyday, run of the mill name, so I was just wondering if maybe God was leading me your way for some reason. Curious……..

        God bless,

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