Boycotts – More Carnal Weapons – by Rick Frueh

Found this over on Walk Worthy and thought it might be of interest.

by on Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Brothers and sisters,

Anything that attracts a Sarah Palin appearance and recommendation is bound to be suspect. Now that the Chick-Fil-A hysteria is over, we here at Walk Worthy post this piece by brother Rick Frueh.

Years ago I was listening to John Scully, ex-CEO of Pepsi, relate how he changed the cola wars by getting Coke to play on another playing field by leaving the one they knew best. Pepsi won great market share.

The lesson?

Satan is the ultimate master of distraction…and deception…and deceit. He distracts well meaning Christians all the time with all sorts of nonsense. Then we dress it up as “biblical,” march it out for our church and children to see, and force it down the throat of all who are close by. And, to add insult to injury, we “demonize” other brethren who rightly point out the distraction and futility of these failed strategies.

Why not just obey the Word and do what is says in Matthew 5-7? Good idea, no? Would you covenant with me on that since God knows best?


Boycotts – More Carnal Weapons –  By Rick Frueh

A little over two thousand years ago God came in the likeness of human flesh. He was called Yeshua, or Joshua, or as we call Him, Jesus. He would come surreptitiously and with no fanfare. Only ancient prophecies and angelic hosts would witness His birth. He was the Messiah.

During His 33 years upon this earth, he did many miracles, but His words would have much more of an impact. But His death paid for the sins of mankind, and His resurrection left no doubt as to Who He was. His message was powerful, but His methods were unorthodox to say the least. He lived and taught a life of self denial and humility. When attacked, he did not respond in like kind. Many mistook His ways for weakness, while others were inexplicably drawn to His words and His Person.

He lived and spoke in ways which were completely different than the ways of the world, including the religious systems. And when He left, he sent His representative called the Holy Spirit. This Spirit was not just a force, but He was a divine person as well, and one of only three. His mission was to speak of Jesus to lost sinners, as well as bring truth, guidance, and comfort to those who would believe on Jesus.

In a mystery, He would come and reside in the very beings of believers. And the New Testament would teach us that we are not supposed to engage this world with the same methods and weapons that are used by the kingdom of darkness.
The history of Christianity contains many chapters where believers……read the rest of this via



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