The Cross

An unending list of hymns and songs have been sung, countless sermons preached, and a multitude of lessons taught about the cross. There are innumerable pictures, drawings, and versions of the cross. Crosses are placed on graves and buildings, hung on necklaces and other jewelry, raised on hills, properties, etc across our nation and perhaps others as well. The symbol of the cross was even painted on the shields of the crusaders fighting wars in the name of Christ.

It has been at the center of controversy, arguments, wars and so forth for countless years.

So I have, for a long time now, wondered if and when our views, thoughts, and symbols of the cross may cause it to become an idol.

In my estimation, we have put the cross on a pedestal and worship ‘it’ rather than, Jesus Christ, the one who died for mankind’s sins. In so doing, the cross becomes an enigma, a misrepresentation, and a hindrance to furthering the good news of salvation in Him.

Just because it is worn, adorns a building, raised, or placed somewhere the cross cannot save us nor protect us from calamity as so many folks seem to believe.

There have been too many souls lost to the enemy because of the senseless attitude of so-called ‘Christians’ who take affront every time there is a furor concerning a cross.

I believe we must reflect Jesus Christ and His attitude and love to everyone in spite of what we may feel. We need to ask ourselves, “how would Jesus react?” to this and all issues that we encounter. We are to live Christ to the world around us instead of pushing people away from Him because of our misguided intentions.

Now I do not think this has, necessarily, always been intentional or even applies to everyone.

Yet once the notion has been brought up then we must address the issue head on and purpose in our hearts and minds to not allow idol-ship of the cross be in our lives anymore.

We must remember…

Jesus is our salvation.

Jesus gave Himself for our redemption not the cross.

Jesus is the one we worship and adore not the cross.

Jesus is the one we sing praises to not the cross.

Here is a song about the cross which, in my thinking, does not glorify it.

‘There’s Room at the Cross’ by the Claiborne Brothers

[As always, comments whether pro or con are welcome! Simply because I believe we learn and grow together in our journey with Christ.]


6 responses to “The Cross

  1. I think people might have different things in mind when they say “the cross.”

    Paul said he preached Christ, AND Him crucified. A preaching of Christ Himself without the cross is missing something. On the other hand, preaching about the cross without Christ Himself is missing everything.

    • Yes Heather I agree and welcome to my blog 🙂

      We must remember that for salvation to be complete in us we must believe He both died and rose for us. It is interesting though, that we do not see or hear of the tomb as as we do of the cross.
      I am so thankful that we serve a risen Savior!

      • Thanks David, nice to “meet” you and your blog 🙂

        I have also wondered about the fact that in some movements the cross is discussed a lot but not the resurrection as much. Other movements in the church are the opposite, for instance, the Word-Faith movement focuses much more heavily on the resurrection at times than the cross (although someone from that movement might legitimately object to my saying so, because it does depend on the teacher or church in question.)

        But most provocatively, is that PAUL seems to mention the preaching of the cross as most central, without mentioning the resurrection alongside that. THAT is interesting. Perhaps in saying I preach “Christ and Him crucified,” the resurrection is a hidden implicit in the very statement, after all, to preach Christ means that He must be alive. Is this just a given?

        • You are quite welcome! Good to meet you here and on Church Expatriates! 🙂

          I think Paul did mention the cross a bit more and you may be correct in surmising the ‘hidden’ implication of the resurrection is a given. I say this because of the verse below. The apostles all agreed on this.

          …..because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
          (Romans 10:9)

  2. We have many symbols in our society! A dove is a symbol for the Holy Spirit, etc. I don’t think one should worship the cross, solely. But it was a cross that our savior died upon! Dying and then being raised from that death. Yes, I kind of think that’s a given. I’m not so sure we’d like to have a tomb as the symbol, mainly, signifying not only His death, but resurrection too. Either way, I’m thankful for both and anyone that truly serves Him, I believe is too! Yet it is the One that experienced all of what we’re talking about, that truly deserves our worship!!!

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