Something to consider

This paragraph is from Marc Winter’s book ‘Was Church God’s Idea’ and is something which all believers should really consider.

Jesus said before you build a house you need to count the cost. The
Ekklesia is totally unique from church. The Ekklesia, being a living entity,
flows interconnected to Jesus and others. It is spiritually led and Spirit
fed. You cannot say, “Here it is, or there it is, for the Kingdom of God is
within you.” Meeting places are likely to routinely change. Training children spiritually is the parent’s responsibility; others may help if the group is so directed, but no one shoulders the right responsibility for the children’s spiritual growth but the parents. (Page 62).

So what do you think in regards to what Marc has written? In light of all the children’s and youth programs out there, should we be handing our little ones off to someone else to teach?

Find Marc on Facebook also you can find ordering details here  ‘Was Church God’s Idea?’


5 responses to “Something to consider

  1. Great easy reading book Dave. Thanks!

    Mike Quintana

  2. I’m feel that some of what Winter says is true, but in other cases his attitude leads to the wrong conclusion.

    When he says “The Ekklesia is totally unique from church” I would say “Says who?” Of course, the word Ekklesia is specifically referring to the people of the congregation while in English the word Church can refer to the building, the people, or specifically the people who have the authority to make decisions for the church; so the two words are not necessarily used in the same way, but they shouldn’t be “totally unique” from each other. When being used to refer to the community of believers the word ‘church’ should be one and the same with the word Ekklesia, that’s why it’s a valid translation of the word (though ‘congregation’ perhaps better specifies what Ekklesia is referring to than ‘church’).

    That being the case, why should meeting places ‘routinely’ change? It should change to meet changing needs, but as a matter of those needs not as a ‘routine’, Winter is correct to point out that the Kingdom of God is not a building on Earth but within the people who make up the Body, but defining yourself as being people who “routinely” move meeting places whether there’s a good reason to or not does not prove you better followers of Christ.

    I know when he titles a book “Was Church God’s Idea?” you’ve already reached a conclusion and it’s going to be “No”, but here his attitude isn’t even anti-church but specifically anti-Ekklesia. Of course it’s a parent’s responsibility to see to their child’s spiritual upbringing; if parents are leaving their child to be brought up poorly by authority that the parents can’t even agree with then they are failing in their responsibility, but “others may help” shouldn’t be an odd exception, it really should be the norm as long as the parents pick the right “others” – the Ekklesia. Saying “I’m going to tell my child what to believe and no one should have a say in the matter but me because I’m his parent” is a very modern, American idea that Jesus would have found to be strange – He would know use the words Ekklesia and family in similar ways and know a child to be raised with other childern and regularly interacting with other parents. The child, and for that matter the parents, are supposed to be members of the Ekklesia, working and growing together as members of the Body, not functioning as individual American Nuclear Family Units.

    I’m not upset at being offered this to consider, and Winter is correct at some of the problems he points out in the church as it exists today, but his attitude seems a bit bitter and hostile to it and his conclusion ‘destroy it entirely’ rather than heal it is using those valid concerns to reach an incorrect conclusion.

    • John,
      Thanks for your input! I really appreciate folks commenting on posts.

      You wrote….
      [ I know when he titles a book “Was Church God’s Idea?” you’ve already reached a conclusion and it’s going to be “No”]

      I have actually had others tell me ‘yes’.
      Also, I have asked Marc to join us here as well to add to the discussion.

  3. Hello David,
    John has some well thought out points and I appreciate his questions. First I hope John has read the book, as this might answer a lot of his questions. After a long path covering over twenty five years I have been lead by the Holy Spirit to the absolute conclusions that indeed church as we know it was never Jesus’ intentions when He said He would build His Ekklesia, and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. When you have the wrong foundation, everything you build on it will be wrong. The building centric institution, with usurping authoritative leaders, using carnally interpreted Scriptures for self serving purposes was never what Jesus said He would build. The crucial fact to be recognized is this, church is an impostor for the true Ekklesia of Christ. Since it calls itself by the Name of Christ, but n fact it is none of His, who did instituted it? Babylon had synagogues, Babel had a religious tower, the mystery is at work today. I am not saying there are no fellow citizens of heaven in the church institutions, I am saying there are, and as a herald I am tasked by our Lord to call them out. Coming out has a cost, and we need to count the cost, but it is well worth is.

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