Thank You

Hi Everyone!!

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for following and commenting on this blog!

I think many times we forget to say those two little words for even the small things that come our way in life. It is encouraging to one another to realize what we have written is actually seen and read by others across and around the globe.

Sitting in Macon, Ga writing this today. We started the week waiting in Osage City, KS and visited friends there. Picked up a load on Tuesday afternoon, delivered it to Grand Island, NE by 1 am Wednesday then headed east toward Chicago on what’s called an ’empty move’ to get in a better area. Before we even got to Des Moines, IA we were called to pickup in Kansas City, MO and deliver to Kinder, LA. So, we took another ’empty move’ to go to Houston, TX and planned on stopping in Beaumont to meet up with my eldest daughter, but wouldn’t you know, we received another load offer and had to cancel the meetup. 😦 We turned around, drove about 120 miles to Port Allen, LA to pickup then deliverred this morning to Macon. WOW!!! That is only 2450 miles or so. 🙂

I know I have re-posted other author’s articles and not much of my own but perhaps I’ll be able to get the connection between my thoughts and fingers working. haha 🙂

I get to reading great stuff that goes along with my thinking and say to myself “I just gotta share this” and then I don’t write anything. I am working on a couple of things though whenever I get a chance and when my thoughts come together.

Since I drive cross-country it can be difficult to find the time to do anything else. 😦

Anyway, I truly hope all of will have an awesome, blessed day, and give God the glory no matter what may happen!!

 Keepin’ on for Christ, David



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