Was Church God’s Idea [excerpt]

Marc Winter has written a book entitled ‘Was Church God’s Idea?‘ So far I am thoroughly enjoying his break down of this title. It is indeed a challenge for all followers of Christ and I recommend it to everyone.

Here is an excerpt from chapter 6 titled ‘Of Popes and Pastors’.

“A true and safe leader is likely to be one who has no desire to lead,
but is forced into a position of leadership by the inward pressure
of the Holy Spirit and the press of the external situation.” A.W. Tozer

Clergical Careers
Today, some men without God’s commission, authority or spiritual power
have made disciples for themselves and their church institutions in Jesus’ name.
Using their God-given liberty, freedom, gifts, talents, and the church system,
they have built religion businesses (towers of Babel). Think of how many people
have considered Christian ministry as a career. This vocation is one of a myriad
of occupations a person might pursue. As with all professional occupations,
you need education in the field. For a job as a professional Christian Minister,
you select a seminary or Bible college, get your funds together, acquire grants
or loans, and pay for your tuition. When your education is complete, you try
out for different churches or denominations by presenting your best sermons.
One day, a congregation will like your style and you may get voted in by either
the board of directors or the congregation or both. Then you have work to do
and a job description to fulfill — teach ‘em, council ‘em, marry ‘em, bury ‘em,
etc. For this, you get paid a salary and perks, and hopefully have the prestige
of being called Reverend. It is a business, and you have a job. (Doesn’t sound
like the early disciples, does it?)

Find Marc on Facebook also you can find ordering details here  ‘Was Church God’s Idea?’


2 responses to “Was Church God’s Idea [excerpt]

  1. Church is the English word that was used to translate the Greek word “ekklesia” (which of course was God’s idea). A better translation would be assembly or gathering. Jesus said: “I will build My ekklesia.” I think the word, movement, would be a good translation for “ekklesia.”

    However, the meetings and institutions that we call church today, are not what is described in the New Testament as “ekklesia” or church. Thanks for the post. It made me think. That sounds like a very interesting book.

  2. Hey Steve,
    So far it is quite an interesting read. I am starting chapter 7 just reading slow and contemplating it as I go. I got a pdf version from Marc you might ask him for one also.

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