Easter, Christmas, & The Slander of Paul The Apostle

Just a note…I’ll be on and off with posts and re-blogs for awhile as I jump in the truck with my son for a month or so. Gotta keep the bills paid 🙂

Anyway, as I was browsing the blogs I follow, this one really stood out to me today from Jamal Jivanjee on Illuminate. Yes I know it was written almost 2 weeks ago but hey it is still quite good and worth the read and application to our lives as followers of Christ.

Easter, Christmas, & The Slander of Paul The Apostle

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This week, most of Christendom has been celebrating what is known as ‘holy week’. Holy week typically begins with Palm Sunday, and ends with Easter Sunday.

I have a confession to make to you…’holy week’ has lost its significance and importance in my life.

My intention in telling you this is not to pass judgement on those who may love & celebrate ‘holy week’, but to encourage those who may be on a similar journey. The more that I am awakened to the New Covenant reality of the indwelling Spirit of Christ, and living by His divine life, the less that I have been preoccupied with these external religious holidays. This change has been gradual, yet quite profound. I wondered if something was wrong with me, but those fears began to be put to rest when I was awakened to Paul the apostle’s journey.

The Slander Of Paul

Paul was a very controversial person. It seemed that everywhere he went, religious controversy and turmoil followed him. Entire city riots even erupted as a result of his teachings. Many Jews both messianic, and non-believing were opposed to the ministry and teaching of Paul. The common accusation made against him was that he openly taught against, and had disdain for, the law of Moses. This could not be further from the truth.

Although this was a mystery and still is to many, the entire Old Testament is filled with pictures, analogies, and foreshadows of the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the ultimate reality that fulfills the pictures and shadows of Him. This is not just some theological concept in the mind, it actually has practical application in daily life. Although I could give you hundreds of examples of how the reality of Christ affects the ‘law of Moses’, let me give you one.


In the Old Covenant, the sabbath was one day of rest a week that was set up specifically to be a blessing to mankind and to give us a picture of Jesus Christ. As with most things, mankind’s religious system completely missed this point and made the sabbath into a rigid practice that became a heavy burden. Jesus exposed this in His dialogue with many of the religious leaders about the sabbath. The Old Testament picture of sabbath rest one day a week was only a picture of rest, it was not the reality of rest. That is why the writer of Hebrews explicitly said …..continue reading via Easter, Christmas, & The Slander of Paul The Apostle | Jamal Jivanjee.


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  1. Wonderful article, thanks for sharing!

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