Count The Right Things

How true! I never quite thought about it this way! Thanks Doug!


Continued from my last post…

I’m not one of those “Don’t Ever Count” kinda people. The problem is that we often count the wrong things.

What we count, we reproduce.

When we are in church ministry, we usually count attenders to our programs, and tithers/members (really tithers if we’re getting paid for it). If we count the number of people giving (usually because our salary depends on it), then we seek to reproduce givers. Comments ensue, etc. If we count the number of attenders, the goal then is to get as many people to XYZ event as possible. And we change our language to suit what we count: We tell our people to “evangelize” by inviting them to XYZ event.

But attenders don’t mean Christ followers, does it? People giving doesn’t mean they are following Jesus. A big event rarely means meaningful discipleship.

We’re just counting the wrong things.


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