Wake Up Church! Present The Pervading Holy Presence!

Excellent Steve! I agree wholeheartedly, the church needs to wake up! I have discussed this same thing many times in the past few years with some friends we meet with occasionally.

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Should church consist of:

A pre-arranged program or a pervading Holy Presence?

A man-made message or God-breathed spiritual life?

Passively watching a pastor or priest perform or people passionately pursuing God’s Presence and Person?

Religious head-knowledge or radical heart-transformation?

Being conformed to a corrupt culture or being conformed to Christ?

Hearing human explanations of the idea of God or having a personal encounter with God, Himself?

The exaltation of one human being over everybody else or the entire group coming together as equals to experience and to exalt Christ?

Ritual or revival?

Human manipulation or the mighty movement of God?

Routine or revolution?

Irrelevance or going viral?

The church is the people of God.  Let God’s people wake up and be what God has called us to be!  Have the guts to be godly, the courage to be Christ-like.

We have seen what a church organized and run by humanity can…

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