Is Science Close To Discovering Spiritual Reality?

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In the past few years scientists have conducted experiments that show that two “entangled,” subatomic particles can communicate almost instantaneously, even if they are separated by huge distances.  They have called this phenomenon, “spooky action at a distance.”

This communication between two such entangled particles has been measured by researchers at University of Geneva in Switzerland to be at least 10,000 times the speed of light.  What makes this “spooky” (Albert Einstein, who believed exceeding the speed of light was impossible, called it “spooky action”) is that there is no physical link whatsoever between the two particles — no waves, no electrons, no particles pass between them.

This has led scientists to believe that spooky action may be controlled by something existing beyond conventional spacetime.  In other words, there is now scientific evidence for the existence of nonmaterial reality.

This quote from renowned scientist and founding director of NASA’s Goddard…

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  1. very interesting topic

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