Discipleship and Mission | Another short Story from the Missional Frontier

Wow, what a concept!
To take Jesus at His word!
If everyone, who call themselves Christ followers, would do this imagine the impact on the world. Remember, it was said of the early church ‘they turned their world upside down.’

Mike Breen

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from someone deep in the rainforests of Ecuador. In short, this is essentially what the email said:

Greetings from the rainforests of Ecuador! You don’t know me, but I wanted you to know how what you’re doing is impacting what we are doing for the Kingdom. We started one Huddle a little while ago and a few years later we have NINE generations of Huddles and have planted several churches discipling people in this way.

Can you believe that?!

Think about that. One Huddle of 7-8 people. Those people all start Huddles of their own. That’s second generation Huddles. Then all those people started Huddles of their own. That’s third generation Huddles. They did that NINE TIMES! Imagine the math at that. Just think about the numbers of people they are discipling because they are taking Jesus at his word when…

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