I found this over on Alan Knox’s blog. What a well put piece from Aussie John!! 

What do you think?

Is it possible, that what we call ‘Christianity’, is really the greatest enemy of Christ?

From, at least Constantine’s era, it seems that what professes to be “Christianity”, has come to an ever broadening understanding that it is simply a matter of substituting a continuing, and wider range of religious thinking and systems, with the attendant rules and regulations, for what the Scriptures reveal is truly Christian.

There has been this consistent desire for what is perceived to be another and better way of doing things to replace what is considered an undoubtedly bad one.

It would also seem, to me, that a large number of people think that it is only, or mostly, a matter of authoritative order, technique, and development of form, tradition, and endless busy-ness.

The erroneous logic used is that, if we returned to what is perceived to be the “New Testament” form or order of churches, everything will be fine and dandy.

The Scriptures do reveal the characteristics of the churches of New Testament times, and the principles by which they functioned, yet we certainly do not have a clear, indelible blueprint according to which churches are to be set up or formed!

With all our sincere desires and efforts to have a “New Testament church”, is it possible that all we are actually achieving is the development of a myriad of other systems, or sects, with differing sets of legalistic rules, traditions, and regulations, sectarian bigotry, and remaining as spiritually lifeless as those we have left behind in the trash-can of our experience of searching for the church that suits our imaginings or tastes.

There is only ONE Church, the one Jesus is building, which is a dynamic living organism, from which rivers of living water flow. Its source is ONLY in the person of Jesus Christ. And built upon the cornerstone of His practice and completed work.

His church is totally dependent on Him through the working of His Holy Spirit in its members.

So! Back to the question: Is it possible, that what we call ‘Christianity’, is really the greatest enemy of Christ?

Posted by at 11:59 AM via CAESURA: IS IT POSSIBLE?. There are also some great comments on his blog as well.

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