Are you Entitled?

Another outstanding piece here, Naphtali! 


Although, my mother taught me to pick up my things and to clean out my pockets before putting dirty clothes in the laundry.

My wife really likes that and I also help with the wash.

I too get irritated when I see folks being on welfare and have way expensive stuff like iphones, ipads, suvs, big screen tvs, etc.

Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

Do you know anyone in the “Entitlement Club?”

You know the club that gives you permission to think you are entitled to whatever?

Well, I blame Adam. He started it when Eve showed up. Prior to Eve, not sure what Adam did about throwing his leaves and sandals around. As soon as she arrived on the scene Adam got sloppy. He must have missed God’s memo that said, “Eve was not put on this earth to pick up his dirty socks, underwear and clothes.” Oh, he was naked.

Anyway after Adam sinned he started wearing something. Somehow he got the idea Eve could follow him around and unclutter his clutter for him. So not only do I blame Adam for sinning, I blame him for passing down to generations of men this unruly, debasing folly we women endure on a daily basis.

I can say this coming…

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