Treading Water

Very well put, Naphtali!

Faith, so many folks do not understand what it is exactly and many times are fearful of the unknown. We need to rest assured that God knows what he is doing.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
(Hebrews 11:1)

Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

Lately I have noticed a change in myself. For those who don’t believe God can change you, think again.

The last few years I really discovered faith or how little I had. It had been sitting on a shelf in a box I finally opened. Covered in dust, it was time to explore the true meaning of faith. Wiping the dust off, my eyes were opened to how faithful God is and unfaithful we are.

Faith grows when you center God around your life. Faith grows when you place God first. All of a sudden you see God is bigger than all your problems when before you couldn’t find him. Faith seeps deep in your heart and soul and becomes a part of you.

Seeking God for a certain answered prayer may not show up as soon as you would like. The process produces faith incrementally but assuredly. You may…

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2 responses to “Treading Water

  1. thanks for the re-blog!

  2. Yes, David I agree. I didn’t understand faith either; still have a lot of treasure hunting on this one, but it changes everything even when we only think we have a little. For me it takes a lot of time pondering over events that needed faith and how God worked through them.

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