The Viral Gospel

Well said Doug! I hope and pray I am infected 🙂


Working in a hospital environment gives me a lot of knowledge of what causes people to get the flu. Wanna know how to get the flu?


That’s right. You will get the flu by being around anybody who has it. Touch an unwashed hand. Breathe the same oxygen. Look funny at a picture of a person who once had the flu (ok, I’m a little bitter).

The Gospel can become like the flu, so much so that everyone who gets near one of the Infected will be exposed and either get infected or build an immunity.

You want people to catch what you have? Some simple practices help. Take all the hospital advice and reverse it!

¤ Stop Staying Home While Sick: You were sent by a Missionary God. Get out of your house and meet people. Have conversations at work or at your school or at your kid’s…

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