Would you wait a minute please?

Yep, really liked this one! Thanks Naphtali!

Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

Waiting is not an American dream. Waiting is no fun. Waiting is dreadful.

We wait to buy food in the grocery line.

We wait for the stoplight to turn green.

We wait for the doctor.

We wait for dinner.

We wait on each other.

We wait to get out of school.

We wait for college.

We wait for the 11 o’clock service

We wait for Christmas.

We wait at the drive through for a burger and fries.

We wait on our laptops to load.

We wait to grow up.

We wait on God.

Wait! What is the last one?

We wait on God? Do we really?

If you’re like me waiting is a school of thought. Waiting is a learned activity. You would think since we wait so much we would be good at it. Ummmm….no

Waiting is not preferable for most of us. We want it…

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One response to “Would you wait a minute please?

  1. Thanks! Glad you could use it!

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