Why I Decided to Move To A New Nation | Jamal Jivanjee

I have already shared this piece from, September 2011, on Facebook but decided to help give it more visibility through this blog. Hope you take time and thoroughly read it in its entirety. 🙂

To My American Friends,

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that I have decided to move to a new nation. I know that this is shocking news, but I had good reason to make the move. Actually, I am writing this in order to persuade you to make the move as well. Let me explain…

Like many of you, I have always considered myself to be pretty patriotic. I have liked the United States, and I have enjoyed the benefits of living in the land of the free. I once assumed that the American nation was the closest thing to a ‘holy nation’ that this modern world had seen in the last couple of hundred years. I was told that this nation was founded by principled, spiritual men and women who intended this nation to be a ‘holy nation’. I was also told that, in recent times, the American nation had forgot our spiritual heritage and this is why America is ‘going to hell in a hand basket’, so to speak.

Like many of you, this greatly troubled me. What should the remedy be?

Yes, you guessed it…I was convinced that America needed to get back to her spiritual roots. How else would our great country be restored? I was convinced that what was needed was to bring prayer back to the public square and to bring in godly people to lead our nation’s corporations, media, and government institutions. I believed we needed to elect godly leaders to our nation’s government posts…we also needed to amend the constitution, etc…

Like many of you, putting my faith in action meant I needed to utilize public policy to help bring about the kingdom of God. America needed to be restored, and Jesus would be the means to that end. Like many of you, a lot of my spiritual discussions revolved around our nation’s economic, political, and moral problems.

I am an avid social networker. I utilize Twitter, facebook, and now Google+. I have noticed that many of my contacts on these social networking sites are continually posting articles and discussions about how corrupt our government is, how dire our economic situation is, and who’s the latest politician that is going to help lead us back to strength, power, and prosperity as a nation. Still many others are discussing how the church can pray and fast to get Jesus’ attention to act and save the American holy nation.

I no longer think this way, and this is why I decided to move to a new nation. I have been awakened to two major realities that have helped me make this move. I’d like to share these two major realities with you here: ..continue reading via Why I Decided to Move To A New Nation | Jamal Jivanjee.


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