Drenched With God / Soaked With HIs Presence

I came across this blog today and just had to share! This part, in Steve’s blog, jumped out at me. “As I read Jesus’ words: “It is not for you to know the dates and the times the Father has set,” it dawned on me that Western Christianity is all about knowing, studying, and learning details about God. Jesus said that we are not to know, yet we seem to ignore Him and instead focus on knowing and speculating about all kinds of spiritual things.”
In fact my wife and I were discussing last night about ‘not knowing’ and that all of Christ’s followers need to be ready.

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We need to be drenched with God's Presence.

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you . . .”  As I read those words yesterday morning, the picture of a man drenched with water popped into my mind.  I’ve always thought about the Holy Spirit being “in” me and that is a wonderful thing; however, the Holy Spirit also wants to be “on” me (and you).  He wants us to walk around looking like the guy in this picture — soaked with His Presence.

So how do you get and stay soaked with God?  You have to remain in constant contact with Him — to stay in the flow of His Spirit.

God has told me to read the New Testament Book Of Acts over and over this year.  Yesterday morning, in the ides of March, before I began my 6th time through it this year, I was wondering how long I need to…

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2 responses to “Drenched With God / Soaked With HIs Presence

  1. Thanks for reposting my blog, David. I am blessed that it spoke to you.

    • Hey Steve, you are quite welcome!
      We must be drenched and filled to overflowing with God’s Spirit on a daily basis. I re-read the book of Acts recently and now am impressed to do so again. Also, re-read Revelation the other day 🙂
      More and more I find myself saying with John, ‘even so Lord come quickly’.

      I was also looking for your books that are mentioned too.

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