An Essential Interview For Those Who Desire New Testament Church Life | Jamal Jivanjee

A very good interview here. I hope many folks will read and understand!

One of the privileges of blogging is the ability to introduce subjects and people of great significance to the body of Christ. I am excited to introduce a dear saint to you today that I wish everyone could come to know.

Milt Rodriguez

Milt Rodriguez has become a dear friend of mine. His life has had a deep impact on me, not necessarily because of what he does although he does a lot, but simply because of who he is in Christ. I truly wish everyone I know would have the ability to spend some face to face time with Milt. He is a jewel in the kingdom that leaves all who know him with a greater love and vision of Jesus Christ.

The church family I am a part of recently had the privilege of spending about 5 months of ‘face to face’ time with Milt and Mary Rodriguez. They were like ‘chefs’ to us. They served us a meal that none of us knew how much we really needed. The ‘meal’ they served the church here built up the body in ways that I could have never imagined. Simply put, we have witnessed a ‘planting’ of a group of people around nothing other than the person of Jesus Christ. It is a dream come true to say the least.

I have asked Milt to come on the blog today to answer a few questions that I believe could greatly benefit all those who are thinking through and exploring jumping into New Testament church life. So without further delay, let’s jump into this conversation with Milt!

Milt, you and Mary came to know Christ during a unique time period. Could you describe a bit about what the culture was like and the type of things you experienced during the ‘Jesus Movement’ of the late 1960′s and 1970′s?

Yes. My wife Mary and I came to Christ when we were both twenty years old. This was in the early seventies oh, oh – aging myself! during what was called the “Jesus People Movement.” It was definitely a unique time. Many of the young people in my generation were involved with what was called the “hippie movement.”

Many from this generation were saved during that movement. It seems like people were coming to Christ everywhere! There was a lot of organic church life happening as well. We had no idea what we were doing but there was lots of community and the focus was Jesus. Hence the term “Jesus People.” Things didn’t get very deep, but we were very sincere and passionate about the Lord and learning to love one another.

What is your assessment of what went wrong with the ‘Jesus Movement’?

Like they say: “hindsight is 20/20.” Looking back at the movement I believe it’s very clear what went wrong. Two things mainly: One, there were two other movements that happened right after the “Jesus People Movement.” One was the “Discipleship/Shepherding Movement.” The other was the “Charismatic Movement.”….. read the full piece via An Essential Interview For Those Who Desire New Testament Church Life | Jamal Jivanjee.


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