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I got this from a blog that I follow.

How many times have you heard the same excuses that are mentioned here? I believe all of us, who are following Christ, should not have an excuse not to share Him with others. No matter where we are on the journey with Jesus we should be looking for opportunities to tell others the Good News, whether it is in person or even online.

Get your clothes on and go

An actual conversation I had this week, and is often repeated with others:

“Brad, I think what you are doing is great, being missional, but I don’t think I know enough and am not trained to be a missionary”.

“I understand Jim [not his real name], now let me tell you a story.

One day Jesus crossed the lake of Genessaret and when he got off the boat a naked demon possessed man met him there, and Jesus cast the demons out of the man and he put some clothes on and regained his right mind. Later that day when Jesus was preparing to get in the boat and leave the man said, ‘I’m going with you’. Jesus said ‘No you can’t go with me. I need you to stay here and go and tell people your story’. The man obeyed Jesus and went throughout ten cities in the region sharing his story.”

“I have one more story. One day Jesus came to a well and he was very weary and thirsty. There was this woman there and Jesus asked her for a drink. A conversation ensued which ended with this woman so impressed with Jesus that she left and went and told the town folk who returned with her. After meeting Jesus they said to the woman, ‘Now, we believe, not because of what you said, but because we have seen and heard ourselves.’”

“Jim you have been in church since you were born. Now, unless you can demonstrate to me that you have less training and knowledge than those two people who spent only hours with Jesus, then you are ready.”

Stop making excuses. Oh yeah, just put some clothes on first. 🙂

via Get your clothes on and go « Think Higher.


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