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So many times today we hear of people having an encounter with [angels] or an encounter of some so-called divine being.

Yet it seems rarely do we hear folks earnestly telling of their Encounter with Jesus Christ.

Here are my thoughts;

When an individual truly encounters Jesus one of two things will happen.

1.The individual will go away from Him.


2. The individual will be drawn to Him

What results, when we truly meet or encounter Christ, our inner most being is spotlighted, just as with this young ruler mentioned in the scripture passage. [Matthew 19:16-22]

Jesus used scripture to spotlight the young man’s sinfulness, yet he refused to recognize it. He wanted to know what good thing he could do, to inherit eternal life. If you look at the passage you will see Jesus used only half of the 10 commandments as a mirror to show the young man his need for repentance.

The young ruler was OKAY with part of the scripture but when it came to the part that spotlighted the root of his sinfulness, he was unwilling to let go.

As a result he went AWAY from Jesus, sorrowful.

Christ, even today, uses scripture to spotlight our sinfulness and challenges us to do as He asks and follow Him.

How WE respond to the spotlight should really concern us.

So many times though people are just like the young ruler they want to know what GOOD thing they can do to go to heaven. They don’t want the spotlight of God to show them the truth, that they need to repent.

I think this is why people evade an encounter with Him. They do not want to face what is in their heart. Again, as a result they also go away sorrowful.


In this next passage we see Zacchaeus also had an encounter with Christ. [Luke 19:1-10]

There must have been conversation and interaction between Zacchaeus and Jesus between verses 7&8, because in verse 8 we see the change AFTER the encounter.

Someone once said, “True confession of sin, TRUE repentance and genuine faith in Christ WILL result in a changed life from the inside out. No one can encounter Christ, accept His salvation and at the same time remain sinful, dishonest, and uncharitable toward others.”

This encounter with Christ should cause us to realize our NEED of Him, be DRAWN to Him, & subsequently SURRENDER to Him.

It is a turning over of our will to His will.

It is allowing Him to spotlight the sin and iniquity in our lives and letting Him change us as we confess and repent.

To be born again there must be a true encounter with Christ and be drawn to Him.

Once we have that encounter then we will understand and realize that He is;


Then in response to this realization we should be –


He will be the center, the top priority of our lives.

As an infant takes its first breath of life, we too, when we encounter Christ and are born again need to breathe the breath of eternal life into the very depths of our being.

When we do this then we can live Christ to everyone around us.

This encounter with Christ can change lives just as the disciples were changed, just as Zacchaeus was changed, just as Saul was changed on the Damascus road, and just as some reading this today have been changed.

It will be evident to all that we come in contact with.

We will never be the same after a true encounter with the SAVIOR, the KING of KINGS & LORD OF LORDS, with JESUS CHRIST the RISEN MESSIAH, the SON of THE ALMIGHTY GOD!


Have you had a true encounter with Christ? What was your response?

Did you draw close and embrace salvation or did you turn away thinking you had too much to lose?

You see if you turn away, the truth is, you do have much to lose.

You will lose eternal life, happiness, and joy but gain eternal torment and damnation.

Are you willing to chance it?

A true life changing encounter with Christ is the answer for the apathy and complacency that permeates the church of today.

This true encounter will cause you to serve Him completely no matter what others may say or do.

A true encounter will cause true revival to break forth inside and make a real difference in your daily life.

via  Rough-Hewn Ministries


2 responses to “An Encounter With Christ | Rough-Hewn Ministries

  1. Hi – Just ran into your blog. I had a supernatural encounter with Jesus 39 years ago, when I was age 20. Recently, the Lord impressed on me to write a book about this and it is called “My Close Encounter With Jesus Christ.” I have been a Christian now for about 35 years. God bless, James “Jim” Hall.

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