Sex is not a four letter word

Sex – Oh no, to about 90% of churches I just used a foul word.

Vector image of two human figures with hands i...Sex, there I did it again. Now that we’re a little more comfortable with the use of it, SEX, let’s move on. So the question that needs to be answered is this; why is sex the ultimate evil to so many Christians? Yes God set up some very specific guidelines for sex; He designed it only for the marriage bed and to be shared between one man and one woman, and outside of these rules sex is a sin. However, more than once God commands His children to populate the earth, which means God wanted his children to have sex. God created it to feel good, which is what made it a prime target for Satan to distort. Sex in and of itself is good(it was part of the original creation!) but for some reason man has never been able to find an easy way to reconcile the goodness of sex and the very clear rules laid out in scripture. So out of fear of encouraging sex among the unmarried, humans(with a little help from the ultimate deceiver) decided to turn sex into an evil thing that is buried in shame and behind a wall of sin.

​This repressing of sin leads men into hidden lives of struggling with lust and women into secret worlds of self deprecation and shame. The average couple nowadays, if they are strong believers, basically here’s the message that “sex is evil and sinful” their entire lives and then one day after a 20 min ceremony suddenly all of sex is ok for them. No one can make that transition comfortably and this has lead to many, many problems in Christian marriages.

​Men are led into lives of lying about their own problems with sex and lust and never are comfortable seeking help to have more biblically based views on sex and on women. Guys fall into many different traps because of this lack of proper instruction; they fall into pornography, prostitution, adultery, and any of a number of other sins. They bring these problems into their marriages and ministries which only creates more distress.​

Girls have just as many chances to sin because of lack of a correct view on sex. All too often we see young girls and women become creatures of lust and seduction as they discover sex outside the confines that God created. They can also become ashamed to even engage in sexual activity because it has been drilled into their minds for so long that “sex is evil”, leading to marital issues. These deep rooted issues can bring about mental and even physical problems, which just like the issues of men, are brought into their marriages and ministries.​

Sex needs to be good again people. If we keep sex as a terrible thing and don’t encourage open discussions about it, we are doing more harm than good. Whether we realize it or not, the mystery of sex is often what leads people into hidden lives of sexual sin. God gave us plenty of scripture dealing with sex and what is right and wrong about it, let’s start using it instead of being so uncomfortable that we let our children, friends, and peers continue down paths that only end in sin.-Asher

via Sex is not a four letter word.

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