In all our affliction He too is afflicted « Called to Rebuild

Josh wrote an inspiring piece the other day in regards to worship.

What  has caused your ‘spontaneous worship’ to Father? Please share it with us!

There have been a few times in my life when I’ve experienced a spontaneous rise of worship in my heart towards the Lord. Yesterday was one of those days.

My son was playing in the dining room. While he was playing I saw him dive on the floor for a toy and then shoot up at just the right angle to clip his head on the table. He paused for a split second and grabbed his head where it hit. I heard the slightest whimper, then saw him try to stand up. Instead he reached for his head again and I could tell he was trying his hardest not to cry. Immediately my heart leapt in his direction. It was all I could do to not cry myself. I quickly went over to him and rubbed his head, telling him to do the same whenever he bumped it like that and it would feel better. He smiled at me through his pain. It was such a heartwarming moment.

Unexpectedly, I received a wonderful insight into the Lord in that same moment. It came like a flash as I felt my own heart’s reaction toward my son’s pain. I saw the heart of the Father towards humanity, so willing to rush out and embrace us in our pain. A scripture from the Old Testament came to mind, speaking of Israel of old, which says something to the effect of, “in all their affliction He too was afflicted” Isaiah 63:9. You see, we are so quick to think of God as aloof and indifferent, somehow removed from our sorrow and suffering. But the whole essence of the incarnation is that God chose to identify with us in our humanity. Rather than remain apart, He chose to come to us and embrace us in our pain, even sharing our sorrow with us. I can’t think of a lovelier Lord than this. To think that He saw us, like I saw my son, and immediately His heart was overflown with such compassion and pity for our hurt that He could think of nothing else but to run to us and share our sorrow that He might forever take it away. What a wonderful Father! What a glorious Lord!

Anyway, it was a precious moment for me, both as a father to my son and a son to my Father. I sat down on the couch with this sudden realization and all I could think to say was “Oh Lord, you are good.” It was something more than a rote declaration; it ascended from the depths of my spirit as a response to what I saw of the Lord in that moment. It was true worship. And I couldn’t do the experience justice with a thousand words. All I can say is I pray the whole world will come to know God as I saw Him in my son yesterday.

via In all our affliction He too is afflicted « Called to Rebuild.


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