The Enemy or the Mother – Think Higher

Here is another one I had earmarked to share. For all the Simple/Organic/House churchers out there, I would say this is a MUST READ!

by A.W.I.P on August 23, 2011

It is really easy today to write, speak, and blog negatively about the Traditional Church. A Traditional Church is one defined by having Property, Programming, and Staff in a similar manner to the majority of Churches we are familiar with regardless of their music style, dress, and structure.

She is really taking a beating today and being accused of all manner of perversion. The vitriol with which some speak is intense as they decry the evils of having Programs or Worship Services or a paid Pastor. The Traditional Church has clearly been shown to be what she is in the minds of some – An evil lie, never known by Jesus and fathered only by Power Hungry, Money Grubbing seminarians looking to build their own little kingdoms.

Whoa!!!! Wait a Minute!!

Are they talking about the dominant Church that has been in existence in America for the past 100 years? Are they talking about the…..keep on reading>via The Enemy or The Mother « Think Higher.


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