Church: A Band Of Brothers

Gary has more great writings at Third Day Churches, I recommend, to everyone, to check it out! You will like their Purpose, Passion, and Principles.


Proclamation always presupposes community. What are we saying when we say, “church?” When we invite others to “church” what exactly is it that are we offering people? A meeting, a club, some information station, a clinic, a lecture, an MLM, or a place to actually live with others? There is this continual pointing to the truth that God chose to create us to live in community. Community is where people have life in association with others, where people become responsible to one another, where people become responsible for one another.

And make no mistake; Jesus invited His followers into a different kind of community than the current flavor found in the religious infrastructure of His day. He addressed exclusive hierarchical tendencies and set His bar so high that there would be no limbo, “But you, do not be called Rabbi, for one is your teacher, the Christ, and you are all brethren,” Matthew 23:8. Whatever anyone thinks, however anyone acts, whoever anyone is trying to be, first and foremost in the Community of Christ, “you are all brothers.” read the rest of the story>>>via Church: A Band Of Brothers.


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